Considering goals

So, when I am getting into something that takes motivation and commitment, I have to keep myself inspired. I do this by researching, reading blogs, listening to others’ experiences and planning. I’m a big time planner. :)

That said… I have been trying to work it out with my friend Kate (I met her here at Sweat365 back when I was training for my first tri!) to meet up for a race sometime next spring. Well, she’s a runner… not a triathlete. But it appears to be popular for tri’s to happen in the spring and running races happen in the fall. So now I am looking at aiming for a sprint tri and a half marathon within a month of each other this coming spring.

I wonder if it’s okay to train for both of them at the same time. I would primarily be training for a half marathon while using my cross training days to work on my cycling and swimming. I am not trying to race anyone during either race - my only goal would be to improve my time from my first tri and simply finish the half marathon.

If anyone out there is reading this… I’d love some input. Would you train for both at the same time? The way it looks I will be shooting for a triathlon the second weekend of April and a half marathon the last weekend in April.

What would you do? I have my heart on the Angel’s Sprint Tri which is a local triathlon with a lot of hills. :) The half marathon is a mostly flat course on a boardwalk in a city right between Kate and I’s locations.

This post is all over the place. I’m exhausted. I’ll research more later. :)

P.S. I just did some research and came across this thread about this exact topic. I think it’s a go!

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Power Yoga

After the run and cycle I went into the Power Yoga class at the Y. Whew!

It was definitely a challenging class, but it was the first time I felt comfortable at a yoga class. There were people there at all different levels so I felt very comfortable stopping when I needed to stop and going further when I could. It was nice to hop in where I could and learn on the go. :)

Also… I am very flexible. While I struggle with considering myself an athlete, swimming and flexibility are two things I can do well. (I’m just being honest.) So, yoga class helps me feel a little better about myself. And that helps sometimes.


  • Type: Flexibility
  • Date: 10/06/2010
  • Time: 12:00:00
  • Total Time: 1:15:00.00
  • Calories: 207

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Easy Cycle

My goal with the cycling after the run was to maintain my heart rate for another 30 minutes or so. It felt really good and I stayed distracted by my smart phone, Pandora radio, and random emails from friends. :)


  • Type: Cycle
  • Date: 10/06/2010
  • Time: 11:25:00
  • Total Time: 00:23:00.00
  • Calories: 203
  • Distance: 5.31 miles
  • Average Speed: 13.85 mph

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C25k - Week 1 / Day 1

I started the Couch to 5k plan today and completed Week 1, Day 1.

It actually was surprisingly difficult. I was very out of breath and my heart rate was kind of through the roof. (It was totally through the roof.) But I wasn’t going to not complete week 1.

So… I did it. And it was difficult. Also, I did it on a treadmill… which is kind of a big deal to me. I have never been able to enjoy running on a treadmill. (It’s hard enough out on trails.) But I completed it! And I feel good now.



  • Type: Run
  • Date: 10/06/2010
  • Time: 11:00:00
  • Total Time: 00:21:28.00
  • Calories: 118
  • Distance: 1.47 miles
  • Average Pace: 14:35.91/mile

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A hangover walk

I’m gonna be honest. I had some wine last night with some friends. And a lot of pizza and junk food. My walk this morning was a sort of preventative walk… trying to prevent my mild queasiness from getting any worse.

It was really, really nice to be out there this morning. The weather has cooled off quite a bit, husband walked with me, we passed a number of other walkers, and it is really lovely to start your day with a little heavy breathing. :)

I have a Yoga episode on the DVR waiting for me… I hope to get to that a bit later today.


  • Type: Walk
  • Date: 10/01/2010
  • Time: 07:45:00
  • Total Time: 00:20:00.00
  • Calories: 139
  • Distance: 1.5 miles
  • Average Pace: 13:20/mile

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3 years later

Three years after setting my first real fitness goal, I am back again.

I am desperate for motivation. I want to get up, get out, and get healthy. I want to be “fit.”

I don’t necessarily have a plan… just a series of small, short-term goals. I hope to use this blog as a place to track workouts, vent, express gratitude, talk myself through things, and share my transparent feelings about exercise, nutrition and body image.

For now… my short term fitness goals are listed to the right. Three 5k races, a 10k race, and another spring triathlon. In addition, I would like to blog regularly and simply be honest about my training. I hope I can become more active in the community here at Sweat365. I always loved the community here and that is the sole reason I continue to return to this little ol’ blog.

I guess I will genuinely be focusing on the side effects of reaching my short term goals. Meaning, I am more excited about losing weight, gaining strength, and possibly enjoying fitness. I hope getting back into an exercise routine will also help me to maintain a good weight during the upcoming colder months and better control my eating habits.

So, we’ll see…! Today I will get out and start the Couch to 5k plan. I am using my Samsung Epic 4G Android phone (aka my mini laptop) to run the c25k app. I will be running along to the David Crowder Band Pandora station.

Here we go!

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dropping in to record some thoughts

I’m on Day 12. WOW! It’s becoming a breeze now. I am visiting family in Florida and it’s been easy enough to simply say “no” to food… but I will say I am DEFINITELY feeling the effect of drinking crap.

Since I am here I don’t have access to a juicer or all natural / organic foods. I used cow’s milk and white sugar for my chai tea this morning and I feel a headache coming on. I haven’t had a headache since day two and I think that was from the detoxing part. I think I’m going to whip up a fruit smoothie just to hold myself over - but my cousins are taking me by the grocery store today so I am looking forward to having access to my regular drinks/ingredients.

It has kind of been a relief to not have an option. Like, straight up “no. you cannot eat that food… I don’t care how good it smells.” It makes me stop dwelling, stop considering, and move ON. I love it! I know that sounds so… basic… but it’s really a revelation for me. I am excited for after the fast when I can set limits for myself and know that if I stick to them - I will be rewarded. (Another duh fact… I know.) But, like, ONE treat a week. That’s it. And if I want another one - guess what? It’ll be there the next week.

And THAT is such a revelation for me.

This is good. It has been so great… I am so excited to finish - I’m more than 1/4 of the way through - I know I am going to feel so, so great when I finish it. Not to mention i will be able to eat good foods again - WITH control.

It is wonderful.

I’ll come back and post some of my favorite recipes in a few days.

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day 3… lovely :)

It’s getting easier!

Especially after leaving my sister’s house. It was definitely helpful to be there for the first few days… we did it together and I learned a lot of fun juicing recipes (due to my sister’s enjoyment of juicing all sorts of combos). But, I will tell you it was not easy when she cooked dinner for her husband and kids (I honestly don’t know how she did it). I mean, it wasn’t too difficult… but it wasn’t enjoyable, either. And it’s nice to return to my home where no one will be making meals on a regular basis except me. :)

I left my sister’s this afternoon and went by Whole Foods on my way home. I loaded up on lots of fresh produce… and… I feel like I cheated a little. I bought three different soups in boxes… the organic kind. Sweat Pea, Carrot Ginger, and I don’t even remember the other one. But… I just made the sweet pea… and I totally feel like I’m cheating! It is SO GOOD… so good. And thick! I even watered it down a bit. But… maybe it’s not juice. I don’t know.

Anyway… it’s okay to feel hungry when there is no food in the house… when my sister isn’t also talking about how hungry she is… and when there is no headache to be had. I feel okay… it’s easier today. For sure.

It almost sort of feels good.

So… just… thoughts.

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day 1 review

So like I said, I am at my sister’s house. Turns out that may have been the best decision of my fast so far. :) I woke up to my sister bringing me hot herbal tea into my room and announcing that she is going to join me for the first 3 days. Woohoo! What an encouragement! Between the accountability and the excitement of juice recipe research, day one was a BREEZE. No headache… we played with some natural goodies and came up with some very well balanced juices. (Although I need to find some variety or I am going to turn orange b/c of all the carrot juice I’ll be drinking!) We even took a grocery trip to Wegman’s where I learned to tell myself “You can eat when you get HOME.” (You know, instead of buying whatever I wanted just because I could.)

I am excited. I am changing my mindset… and I am happy about it.

This morning, my sister made breakfast for her kiddos… and it smelled delicious. And it was wonderful. Instead of thinking “that’s painful. I want that SO BAD.” I thought “Wow, what a wonderful smell.” And I soaked it up - without eating it. And that was okay. In fact, it was wonderful.

So… those are some thoughts…

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day 1 - it has begun

You probably thought I wasn’t coming back. :) But I’m here… and today is Day 1. I just woke up, really… I’m sitting in my bed with three squirmy girls who are “trying” to keep their heads on the pillow. That’s proving to be quite the challenge as they see the glowing light of my computer screen. Good thing they can’t read!

So… I took some photos of my refrigerator and pantry… though I should have taken a before and after photo because THAT would have been impressive. :) I got rid of a ton of crap… which is good because after the fast I plan on following Natalia Rose’s Raw Detox Diet… so I had to toss a bunch of stuff anyway.

So in the pantry I’ve got a shelf with about five things on it… chicken/veggie broth (organic), natural peanut butter, agave sweetener, organic honey, and I think that’s about it. My fridge will soon be packed with produce and I’ll be on my way!

Except that I am at my sister’s house today. My plan was to come here for a birthday celebration last night and leave early this morning… but my sister really wants me to stay… so much so that she’s willing to let me juice all of her produce to make it through the day. :)

So I just wanted to drop in and say that I am kicking off the fast today… and I’ll be back plenty to journal for my sanity during the next 6 or so weeks. I’ll have photos to share as well. (And plenty of Bible verses and book reccomendations!)

Speaking of book recommendations - I really want to read some books on nutrition while I am fasting… but more specifically I want to learn more about what the movie Food, Inc. is teaching. Does anyone know of a book or website that I can read/research to learn more about the preservatives and chemicals I have been putting into my body by way of FDA approved foods?

I am so excited about kicking this off… I know it is going to change my life!

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